The dissemination and exploitation actions carried out during the MOTILL project were designed to :

  • involve researchers and national/local agencies in the definition of strategic actions,
  • increase their awareness of the possible impacts of mobile technologies on LLL, providing educators with the technological / methodological scaffolding necessary to implement these policies;
  • present the main MOTILL ideas to policy makers involved in training and education, in order to promote the design and implementation of LLL strategies supported by innovation and research;

The MOTILL Project has been promoted in 17 national meetings organized in the partner countries. In particular, about 50 Research Institutes, Universities and Policy Makers have been involved, including the MIUR Sicilian Regional Scholastic office, the University of Palermo, ISFOL, the University of Milano-Bicocca, Google Ireland, Irish Air Corps, Xerox, IBM, Department of Education - School Completion Officer, Rehab Ireland, National Centre for Guidance in Education, School Director of Teaching and Learning, Royal College of Physicians of Ireland, Hungarian National Development Agency, SZTAKI, ICEG EC, ALT (Association for Learning Technology), JISC, Futurelab, and others. Moreover, the project results have been disseminated to thousands of Researches, Teachers, Decision Makers throughout several National and International conferences where the project was introduced

In line with the initial objectives of the project, several national agreements (Declaration of intent for best practices adoption) were signed with Italian, British, Irish, Hungarian and Netherlands policy makers, research institutes and universities.
At today, 27 Declarations of Intent have been signed in Italy, the UK, Ireland, Hungary and the Netherlands with the national agencies in the learning and training sector, research institutes, universities, local agencies, schools, entrepreneurial associations and vocational institutions. This large number of agreements signed with these prestigious policy makers proves that the MOTILL results have been greatly appreciated.








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